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When we got inside, there was a whole crowd
of expectant people like ourselves, but we did
not see Roving Night Eagle anywhere. While
we were looking around for him we heard a
commotion at the door. We turned and saw two
big braves holding up a ghost. That is what we
children thought it was—a ghost. It was tall
and pale and crippled. One knee was bent hard
and stiff, and when it walked slowly between our
two braves it bobbed up and down on this short
bent leg. When it came nearer the fire it began
to look a little like Roving Night Eagle. And
when we asked our mothers if it were he or his
spirit, they told us to keep quiet; it was Roving
Night Eagle.

They sat him on a pile of buffalo robes close
to the fire, for he was shivering and twitching
from exposure.

Soon food came in, and we sat silently and
watched him eat. A pipe was lighted and handed
to him after he had eaten. He sat a long while
and smoked. Then he straightened his back
and looked around at us for the first time, and
said, 'HanhF—which meant that he was going to

'Brothers/ he said, cit makes my heart glad
,to be back with my own people. Two years I
have been among strangers who spoke not our